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Join the Chronic Disease Coalition in celebrating Chronic Disease Month!

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July is Chronic Disease Month, and to celebrate, the Chronic Disease Coalition hosted a virtual conversation. This is what the Chronic Disease Coalition has to say about the event:

We often tell our advocates, “Don’t fight alone.” We also don’t want them to fight without one of the most effective tools: data. This year, we fielded a nationwide poll of chronic disease patients that aimed to enhance our collective understanding of their experiences. We asked questions like, “Have you ever been told that your disease is ‘all in your head’?” and “How would your life be different if you were treated at the highest level of care?” Join the CDC — and our patient ambassadors — on July 10 for a virtual conversation where you’ll get a first look at the topline results from this poll and discuss how we can use it to advance our policy priorities.

In the 2024 Virtual Conversation Event, we discussed Chronic Disease support, isolation, diagnosis and many other vital topics. The event encompassed the feelings and struggles of those of us with Chronic Diseases. It was a perfect example of what we need as a community. The conversation and survey results are as important for those without chronic diseases as those with chronic diseases.

Check out the entire event here


See what the Chronic Disease Coalition had to say about the event here:

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